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I love art! I am a self-taught artist living in Maryland. I am one of the many artists who spent a childhood doing art and then it got pushed to the back burner as life took over. I am not happy when my art is on the back burner! Things have changed! I am extremely happy to say that as of this writing January 2016, I am a full-time artist. I am living my dream! I work mostly in pastels and colored pencil, but also plan to revisit some of my old favorites -- charcoal and ink. Maybe I'll even combine some of my favorite mediums or try some new ones. I've got big plans! I hope that you'll follow along on my art adventure!

Monday, December 10, 2012

Getting Ready!

Okay, got my blog up and running, sort of.  Still got a few things to figure out.  Less than 2 weeks before Christmas is probably not the best time to start a new venture like this, but no time like the present.  I will be ready to go come 2013!  My goal is to have a new post with some new work posted by January 2, 2013 and a whole lot to follow after that.  In the meantime, I need to figure out how to create a link to my Etsy shop (23hourstudio.etsy.com), my DailyPaintworks gallery and my Fineartamerica site.  This should be fun.  Hope you'll join me on my 2013 art journey!

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