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I love art! I am a self-taught artist living in Maryland. I am one of the many artists who spent a childhood doing art and then it got pushed to the back burner as life took over. I am not happy when my art is on the back burner! Things have changed! I am extremely happy to say that as of this writing January 2016, I am a full-time artist. I am living my dream! I work mostly in pastels and colored pencil, but also plan to revisit some of my old favorites -- charcoal and ink. Maybe I'll even combine some of my favorite mediums or try some new ones. I've got big plans! I hope that you'll follow along on my art adventure!

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Strange Birds

I am really loving doing colored pencil on Pastelmat!  It allows me just enough detail, but the texture doesn't let me get tooooo nitpicky.  These two "strange birds" are actually cassowaries.  Large, flightless birds, about the size of ostriches, which live in the rain forests of New Guinea and parts of Australia.  They are actually pretty solitary creatures, but I liked doing two together.  My model for this painting was actually a lone cassowary at a small zoo in rural Maryland.  This bird's rather odd appearance has always intrigued me on each visit to the zoo and on the last trip I snapped a few good references.  I thought its coloring and variety of textures would be a fun project (and it was!).  It's 11 x 14 on anthracite (soft black) Pastelmat.    

Strange Birds
11 x 14
The original of these two will be available in my Etsy shop and prints available on FineArtAmerica
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