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I love art! I am a self-taught artist living in Maryland. I am one of the many artists who spent a childhood doing art and then it got pushed to the back burner as life took over. I am not happy when my art is on the back burner! Things have changed! I am extremely happy to say that as of this writing January 2016, I am a full-time artist. I am living my dream! I work mostly in pastels and colored pencil, but also plan to revisit some of my old favorites -- charcoal and ink. Maybe I'll even combine some of my favorite mediums or try some new ones. I've got big plans! I hope that you'll follow along on my art adventure!

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

The best pencil sharpener ever! (thus far)

Okay, today, I am not posting any artwork (should be finished with my current piece for posting tomorrow, though), but want to talk to about something near and dear to many artist's hearts -- pencil sharpeners!  So many of us have been through the struggle of finding an electric pencil sharpener that will hold up under colored pencils, no less pastel pencils.  Some of them don't work from the beginning and others quickly give out.  Do you get as tired as I do of trying to maneuver out the broken tip with an X-acto knife?  Well, the Bostitch Professional Quiet Sharp 6 is a dream come true! No broken off leads; a very long, needle-thin point in literally a second or two; and automatic shut-off when the pencil is sharp.  The diameter adjusts with a simple turn of the knob and there are suctions on the bottom to hold it steady.  I've only had it a few days, but I am so absolutely pleased with it that I feel confident in sharing my discovery.  I don't think it will, but if this relationship goes down the tubes, I promise to let you know!

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